Planet 217 Brown

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EN ISO 20345:2011 CE

Upper   Crazy Horse natural leather | Fabric Cordura®

Our crazy horse leathers are made by applying special waxes to a buffed grain surface. These waxes are melted and migrated under frictional heat. As a result, when the leather surface is rubbed the color of the part changes, which does not reverse immediately. This shows an antique effect. One of the first things I do with every new crazy horse item I make for myself is to bend and fold the piece as much as possible. The oils and colors seem to burst out of the skin.
 Cordura® is a fabric material made of polyamide. In the production of Cordura®, cut polyamide fibers are again spun and then woven. This gives the fabric particularly high ultimate tensile strength. What is more, Cordura® is light and very breathable.

Linning  3D Air | Vela Technologies

3D air-lining is based on polyamide belongs to a variety of very appreciated yarns. These yarns are very well-known in the underwear sector of their softness, their transpiring characteristic and their capacity to absorb sweat. Apart from being soft and bright, 3D air-lining presents a high resistance to abrasion and it is advised for classical, sportive and security shoes and also for women boots. Its pleasant and elegant look, together with its soft touching hand, makes the footwear really prestigious.

Footbed Breathable footbed | Talan®

Air-permeable mesh combined with vents provide excellent airflow, keeping feet dry and preventing the growth of bacteria and odors.

Sole    PU / PU | BASF®

 BASF is a global manufacturer of differentiated chemicals. BASF Polyurethanes footwear systems are light yet tough, comfortable but hardwearing, flexible and durable. They perform equally well in hardwearing work footwear where chemical, oil, solvent and slip resistance are essential to comply with workplace safety standards.

Toe cap   Composite toe cap | T-Fibertech®

Composite toe caps are approximately one third lighter than steel toe and thus save weight. They are particularly suitable for areas where no metal is allowed.

Midsole     Kevlar Midsole | Biagioli®

Security and Comfort Zero Perforation belongs to a new generation of textile products for midsole, primarily designed for safety footwear where you need total protection from accidental nail puncture. The characteristics of flexibility, breathability and insulation properties against heat and cold, while also achieving extremely comfortable shoes, a fundamental characteristic for all those who wear safety shoes for many hours a day.

Available safety serie    S3

Safety shoe requirements according to EN ISO 20345

            Basic shoe; supplemental:

  • Closed heel area;
  • Antistatic;
  • Heel energy absorption;
  • Water penetration and absorption resistance;
  • Penetration resistance;
  • Treaced sole.

Вид Ботинки
Материал верха Натуральная кожа
Материал подкладки Текстиль
Материал подошвы Полиуретан + резина
Назначение Рабочая обувь
Свойства Защита от механических воздействий
Сезон Весна/осень
Цвет Коричневый

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