A person does not always have to work in a soft office chair. There are a number of work occupations that can cause injuries, bruises, frostbites, chemical burns and electrical shocks. These areas of work include construction, agriculture, manufacturing, mining and processing. We're used to thinking that employees are protected with just a helmet and a suit of clothing, forgetting that their feet are just as vulnerable.

If your company is one of those places where an employee might slip, drop a load on his or her foot, or step into an unsafe, caustic substance, then pay proper attention to his or her footwear. Talan Tornado safety shoes are the case when the name speaks for itself, because this model is powerful, hard and resistant. The shoes of this series are characterized by their light weight and high protection class S3.

The special features and uniqueness of the Tornado shoes 

Talan Tornado work shoes refer to heavy-duty safety equipment. Mainly designed for puncture and slip protection, as evidenced by the S3 marking. This model has a number of advantages, such as reflective elements, several times the strength of the leather, convenient composite Toe Cover.

Main advantages:

  • Leather. Its modification in this model is expressed by an increase in thickness, which in turn increases the strength. Upper shoes can withstand the load, exceeding the norm of European standards by 2-3 times. Thus, Ukrainian production of Talan has surpassed imported manufacturers.
  • Toe cap. There is no metal plate in the design. It is lighter, but can withstand up to 200 Joules.
  • Insole. The insole in this model is double and reliably protects against punctures by sharp metal objects.
  • Soles. The sole is designed so that workers are protected against potential shock, slipping on slippery floors, and rapid wear and tear on their shoes. It is two-layered, with the intermediate layer made of soft polyurethane "BASF" from a well-known German chemical manufacturer.
  • Lining. The inner part of the shoe is made to be comfortable in it. The lining has breathable properties, prevents the greenhouse effect, keeps you warm when cold and cool when hot.
  • Shoe last. This part of the special footwear is designed by Italian engineers and engineered to make it easy to work "on feet".
  • Reflective inserts. Their task is to ensure visibility in low-light areas.
Talan Tornado safety shoes is a competent ratio of European quality and domestic price. On the website of the manufacturer you will find exactly what will satisfy your need for quality, durability and safety.