Standart+ 162 S3 SRC 1Standart+ 162 S3 SRC 2
Standart+ 414 1Standart+ 414 2
1,100 грн
Standart+ AA911myk-2 1
1,000 грн
Standart+ BA413 1Standart+ BA413 2
1,000 грн
Standart+ KC485 1
Standart+ SE/2M182 1Standart+ SE/2M182 2
1,110 грн
Standart+ SE/2M182 Fn 1Standart+ SE/2M182 Fn 2
Standart+ М112 S1 1Standart+ М112 S1 2
1,100 грн
Standart+ М112 S1 1Standart+ М112 S1 2

Resistant, waterproof, breathable, anti-static - that's all about Talan Standart+ work shoes. Thanks to smart sewing technology, the shoes meet all requirements and standards regarding workplace safety.

Safety during physical work, whether on a construction site or in a production hall, must be given priority and all risks of injury and contact with hazardous substances must be minimized. To avoid risking the health of subordinates, a conscientious employer must equip his staff with quality equipment that will protect their feet from falling objects, slippery floors, frostbite and other destructive influences.

Uniqueness and advantages of Talan Standart+ safety shoes

As a rule, safety shoes are subject to general safety standards. In Ukraine, as well as all over the world, the standardization is called EN ISO 20344, and the products themselves are marked with the letter S. For example, the marking S3 indicates a wide range of advantages, such as the composite Toe Cover, stability on slippery and uneven floor, absorption of static shocks, resistance to punctures by a sharp object, complete waterproofness and much more.

All Talan Standart+ specialized shoes, such as boots, ankle boots and half boots, have a universal set of qualities:

  • Metal toe cap that protects your toes from falling objects up to 200 Joules. It is also capable of withstanding a load of up to 1.5 tons;
  • Stable sole, which provides safe movement on slippery floors. It also has anti-static properties and prevents potential electrocution;
  • Anti-puncturing insole designed to protect the worker from puncture with a sharp object;
  • Stable cushioning to protect against falls on rough surfaces;
  • Dense coating that protects against chemical and radioactive substances;
  • Dense natural leather, which is a guarantee that the shoes will remain waterproof.
Thanks to its natural virtues, the leather breathes well, prevents the greenhouse effect and hypothermia.

To buy Talan Standard+ safety shoes is to provide employees with comfortable and safe equipment. The inner part of the shoes is designed in such a way that the working day passes comfortably, without overexertion and heaviness in the feet. In turn, for the employer, Talan Standart+ is a high-quality, profitable product with maximum service life.