Safety footwear

Safety footwear

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Injuries are an inherent part of most industrial and construction sites, where feet are most often at risk. Feet are exposed to slipping, hypothermia, overheating, mechanical bruises, chemical influences and other aggressive factors. And if in the past the worker's protection was limited to kirzovye boots, today, in addition to safety, special attention is paid to comfort and convenience. In our online store you can find safety shoes that are not only safe for your feet, but also comfortable at the same time.

Safety shoes: where to buy and what criteria to choose?

Human comfort is closely connected with human performance. In order to ensure the ability to work, as well as to prevent various kinds of accidents at the enterprise, the employer must monitor the presence and condition of shoes of employees. Dense, moisture-repellent shoes with a protective toecap is not only a recommendation, but also a mandatory paragraph of the Labor Code of Ukraine (Art.163-164).


What should safety shoes be like?

Safety footwear is part of the everyday outfit that, depending on the activity of the worker, may be supplemented with a metal toe, composite toe, or have other protective details such as antistatic sole, moisture-repellent or anti-slip material. New generation composite toe cap shoes are capable of protecting the foot from mechanical impact with energy up to 200 Joules. They are also lighter than the metal toe cap shoes, and 2mm wider. All of this makes the shoe lighter and increases comfort: shoe does not squeeze the toes, and  feet are less tired due to lighter shoe weight.

Depending on the potential hazard, footwear may prevent overheating or hypothermia, protect workers from slippery and greasy floors, vibrations, and electromagnetic fields. At the same time, the manufacturer of safety shoes pays due attention to the suitability of the shoes for particular season and anatomical features of the foot, breathability and waterproof features.

Quality shoes should have the following:

  • Sole that protects against mechanical punctures;
  • Sole with cushioning and anti-slip functions;
  • Surface from moisture-repellent materials - PVC, rubber and others;
  • Safety shoes for welders, electricians and others, who deal directly with electrical networks, can be supplemented with antistatic soles.
In other words, to protect the worker from electric shock.

Work shoes with a protective toe and other no less important details must fit the foot tightly, but without restricting movement or provoking chafing. There are three seasonal varieties: protective summer shoes, demi-seasonal and winter shoes, with a warm inner layer. By design they are boots, shoes and half boots.

Where to buy safety shoes in Ukraine?

Comfort and safety are important for an employee, and durability of the purchased equipment is important for an employer, because it reduces costs as an employee in a more comfortable and light protective footwear is less tired and remains effective in performing various complex tasks for longer. On the website you will find the right balance of price and quality. Talan offers protective shoes in bulk that you can afford, but which serve you for many years. Here you will find safety shoes for warehouses, production shops, machine shops, construction sites and any other object. Each pair of shoes from passes multi-level certification, is tested for quality and meets state standards, and focuses on advanced European quality.